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Original Appearance: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Fawful is the young pupil of the Beanwitch Cackletta, who once tried to take over the Beanbean Kingdom. Fawful aided her in this attempted coup, but the two of them were thwarted.
Full of fury but short on common sense, Fawful is barely a preteen and doesn't know much about the world beyond the scope of his villainous plans. He was raised by Cackletta since he was a baby and has a hard time identifying himself as anything beyond "Cackletta's toady". This is problematic, since she's no longer around.
As a mad scientist, Fawful is motivated not only by evil, but also by a strong sense of scholarly curiosity.
Oh, and he talks funny.

Original Appearance: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Cackletta is a witch who once terrorized the Beanbean Kingdom. After trying to use the Beanstar to take over the Kingdom, she was defeated by the Mario Brothers.
She raised Fawful as though he were her son and taught him all about villainy. Despite the occasional rebellious thought, Fawful was endlessly loyal to her. She's now deceased.

Original Appearance: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Doopliss is the resident jerk of Creepy Steeple. He once spent his days turning the people of Twilight Town into pigs, mostly because he was bored. He nearly defeated Mario and stole his identity, but was stopped when Mario learned his name--thus breaking Doopliss' spell.
Since then, he's joined Madame Flurrie's theatre troupe, using his shapeshifting abilities to play Mario in a theatrical retelling of The Thousand Year Door. He's constantly annoyed with his own unpopularity. He takes a liking to Fawful, whom Doopliss mistakenly thinks is his biggest fan. He gives Fawful some much-needed monetary support and promises to come to collect on the debt soon.

Prince Peasley
Original Appearance: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Prince Peasley is the Beanbean Kingdom's sole protector. He's kind of like the Beanbean Kingdom's version of Mario. He assisted Mario and Luigi in their fight against Cackletta and Fawful, and was the one who blew up Bowser's Castle after Cackletta's demise.
Peasley can be overzealous at times, and cares far too much about appearances. He spends altogether too much time washing his hair, which shines so brightly it can be blinding. His ego is easily bruised. However, he's not an entirely bad guy. He genuinely cares about his kingdom and its people... he just wants to make sure he looks cool while he protects them.

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